Resources Bittensor: Tutorials, Links & Tools



  • Polkadot Wallet – Polkadot Wallet for the TAO token
  • Bittensor Oracle – Bittensor chain explorer Tool to check recent blocks and account status
  • – Builders and code snippets for Bittensor node operators
  • Tensor Wallet – Bittensor Wallet by Developer Cameron Fairchild
  • Tensor Ping – Tool to ping your Bittensor server and check your balance. Faucet for test tokens.
  • TAO Stats Website – Metagraph UID data, ranking, staking, buying, knowledge and resources.
  • TAO Ethereum Bridge – Community-maintained bridge between Bittensor and Ethereum networks
  • wTAO Dune Analytics Dashboard – WrappedTAO Dashboard powered by Dune Analytics: Daily trades, volume, hourly price, wallets, whale list and top trades by volume.
  • wTAO Chart on Dexscreener – wTAO (Wrapped TAO) / WETH Price/Volume Chart


  • Bittensor Exchange – Bittensor third-party exchange – not affiliated with Bittensor/Tao Team
  • TAO OTC Discord Channel – OTC (Over the Counter) Discord Server to trade TAO – not affiliated with Bittensor/Tao Team
  • wTAO on Uniswap – Wrapped TAO (wTAO) is bridged $TAO from and can be exchanged 1:1 for actual TAO. The recommendation is to use the bridge in small amounts and to withdraw to the native chain if you’re buying and holding long-term.





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