Bittensor Validators List – Overview

All verified Bittensor Validators

Delegated staking is a great way to earn passive income while supporting the Bittensor network. By delegating your TAO tokens to a validator, you can help secure the network and earn rewards in the process. But with so many validators to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this overview of where you can delegate your TAO tokens, making it easy for you to choose a validator that aligns with your goals and values. Read on to discover the benefits of delegated staking and find the perfect validator to delegate your TAO tokens to.

If you don’t know how to delegate via the Polkadot Wallet, here is a step-by-step guide.

List of all Bittensor Validators

OpenTensor Foundation

Hotkey Address: 5F4tQyWrhfGVcNhoqeiNsR6KjD4wMZ2kfhLj4oHYuyHbZAc3


Description: Founded, maintain and advance Bittensor

Neural Internet

Hotkey Address: 5HNQURvmjjYhTSksi8Wfsw676b4owGwfLR2BFAQzG7H3HhYf


Description: An AI research and development decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)

Tao Bridge

Hotkey Address: 5FLKnbMjHY8LarHZvk2q2RY9drWFbpxjAcR5x8tjr3GqtU6F


Description: A community bridge between Bittensor and Ethereum

Additional information: The owner of this validator is called “Creative Builds” and he has created a bridge between Etherume and the Bittensor Blockchain.

Bittensor Guru

Bittensor Guru

Hotkey Address: 5HK5tp6t2S59DywmHRWPBVJeJ86T61KjurYqeooqj8sREpeN


Description: Keith Singery hosts the Bittensor Guru Podcast and delves into the technical and community aspects of running a validator, sharing his hands-on experiences and insights. He actively engages as both a participant and moderator in the Bittensor community, contributing to discussions and fostering a deeper understanding of the network’s dynamics and potential.


Hotkey Address: 5HeKSHGdsRCwVgyrHchijnZJnq4wiv6GqoDLNah8R5WMfnLB


Description: The go-to validator for the smaller TAO holders once delegated staking goes live.


Hotkey Address: 5ECvRLMj9jkbdM4sLuH5WvjUe87TcAdjRfUj5onN4iKqYYGm


Description: Vune is a dev at Opentensor and a BSc CS student at UofT.


Hotkey Address: 5H6BgKkAr2Anmm9Xw5BVDE4VaQmFEVMkJUHeT7Gki4J7yF4x


Description: This node is a collective effort of the polish community. We are engaged in evangelizing the project, educating and sharing the knowledge.


Hotkey Address: 5FFApaS75bv5pJHfAp2FVLBj9ZaXuFDjEypsaBNc1wCfe52v


Description: RoundTable21 is an International, multi-disciplinary team of consultants and advisors partnering alongside leading blockchain startups to offer guidance, expertise, investment and hands-on assistance in every aspect of development.


Hotkey Address: 5HEo565WAy4Dbq3Sv271SAi7syBSofyfhhwRNjFNSM2gP9M2


Description: Foundry works to empower a decentralized infrastructure. We are protocol-agnostic and seek to support like-minded blockchain entrepreneurs who share our mission to advance the industry.

Taostats & Corcel

Hotkey Address: 5Hddm3iBFD2GLT5ik7LZnT3XJUnRnN8PoeCFgGQgawUVKNm8


Description: Supporting the bittensor eco-system through data provision, statistics and analytics


Hotkey Address: 5CXRfP2ekFhe62r7q3vppRajJmGhTi7vwvb2yr79jveZ282w

URL: /

Description: Dive into the Bittensor network with Rizzo, where ‘bare metal’ performance meets 24/7 reliability. Our vigilant engineers and dynamic AI & marketing teams are your partners in growth, driving the decentralized AI revolution.


Hotkey Address: 5GcBK8PDrVifV1xAf4Qkkk6KsbsmhDdX9atvk8vyKU8xdU63

URL: tensor. exchange

Description: Bittensor’s first community OTC exchange

Hotkey Address: 5EhvL1FVkQPpMjZX4MAADcW42i3xPSF1KiCpuaxTYVr28sux


Description: Maximize your return when staking with is a highly secure validator that aims to become one of the top contributing entities to Bittensor.

Lucrosus Capital

Hotkey Address: 5FcXnzNo3mrqReTEY4ftkg5iXRBi61iyvM4W1bywZLRqfxAY


Description: Decentralized VC focused on the most thriving blockchain ideas. Join our pool to receive early entrance into promising projects!

Owl Ventures

Hotkey Address: 5CsvRJXuR955WojnGMdok1hbhffZyB4N5ocrv82f3p5A2zVp


Description: Owl Ventures Bittensor Validator

Chat With Hal

Hotkey Address: 5CPzGD8sxyv8fKKXNvKem4qJRhCXABRmpUgC1wb1V4YAXLc3

URL: /

Description: Meet Hal, your personal AI assistant powered by Bittensor. With Hal, you can access decentralized and uncensorable AI directly from your favourite social networks and messenger apps.


Hotkey Address: 5DvTpiniW9s3APmHRYn8FroUWyfnLtrsid5Mtn5EwMXHN2ed


Description: Powered by people for people.

Giga Corporation

Hotkey Address: 5ED6jwDECEmNvSp98R2qyEUPHDv9pi14E6n3TS8CicD6YfhL


Description: Extreme growth & experiments from giga corp. We use APY to TAO-pill new developers, builders and adopters. Visit our Bakery to learn more.


Hotkey Address: 5FFM6Nvvm78GqyMratgXXvjbqZPi7SHgSQ81nyS96jBuUWgt


Description: A professional media validator dedicated to securing top-tier coverage in the world’s most recognized publications building Bittensor’s brand equity and creating global awareness of $TAO.

North Tensor

Hotkey Address: 5Fq5v71D4LX8Db1xsmRSy6udQThcZ8sFDqxQFwnUZ1BuqY5A


Description: North Tensor, providing resources, education, and information to the bittensor community. AI’s true north.


Hotkey Address: 5HbLYXUBy1snPR8nfioQ7GoA9x76EELzEq9j7F32vWUQHm1x


Description: Tensorplex Laboratories is building robust and open technologies to propel the decentralised AI ecosystem.


Hotkey Address: 5DnXm2tBGAD57ySJv5SfpTfLcsQbSKKp6xZKFWABw3cYUgqg


Description: Love validator exists to accelerate the tenets of open-source Artificial Intelligence. Powered by Cosimo Capital.


Hotkey Address: 5E7v9fjMkA1rSchQiaz9gX1vg62fFz8HrAVipkzpmo1ZRsgG


Description: Research and development validator for SN1 and other Synapse team subnets


Hotkey Address: 5CQEFopfZ8DAmk3ZfR7QuDTU2n3fJod3kkf6Wmj4JwV3BBSu


Description: /

BitTranslate Validator

Hotkey Address: 5FcXnzNo3mrqReTEY4ftkg5iXRBi61iyvM4W1bywZLRqfxAY


Description: Translate any language directly with BitTranslate – AI empowered with Bittensor! Subnet 2 on Bittensor Network.

Taofu Protocol

Hotkey Address: 5ELREhApbCahM7FyGLM1V9WDsnnjCRmMCJTmtQD51oAEqwVh

URL: /

Description: Taofu unlocks liquidity and utility by bringing liquid-staked TAO outside of Bittensor.


Hotkey Address: 5CXC2quDN5nUTqHMkpP5YRp2atYYicvtUghAYLj15gaUFwe5


Description: Connecting all relevant parties to “skin in the game”, the Bittensor Network, together fight for a Better World.

Hotkey Address: 5Gpt8XWFTXmKrRF1qaxcBQLvnPLpKi6Pt2XC4vVQR7gqNKtU


Description: – bridging bittensor into nostr

Athena Nodes

Hotkey Address: 5CaCUPsSSdKWcMJbmdmJdnWVa15fJQuz5HsSGgVdZffpHAUa


Description: Athena Nodes is one of the oldest Bittensor validators (UID 0 on the root network!) and member of the Bittensor Senate. We are validating since November 2022, offering multi-subnet expertise and institutional-grade security.

If any of the validators listed in our blog post wish to update their image or provide additional information for their section, we encourage them to reach out to us at [email protected]. We will make every effort to accommodate these requests and update the information in the blog post as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide our readers with accurate and up-to-date information about the Bittensor validators and their contributions to the network.

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