BTCLI Cheat Sheet: Overview of Bittensor CLI Commands

Bittensor CLI Commands Overview

This documentation provides an organized outline of the command-line interface (CLI) commands for managing and interacting with subnets, root, stake, wallet, sudo, and legacy components of the network. Each section below details the specific commands, along with their descriptions, that can be used for each component to ensure effective and efficient management and operation

The CLI allows users to perform various tasks such as listing all subnets on the network, viewing metagraph information, registering a wallet to a network, setting weights for the root network, and many more. The commands are categorized by the component they are related to, making it easier for users to find and execute the commands they need.

Subnets (s, subnet)

Commands for managing and viewing subnetworks.

listList all subnets on the network
metagraphView a subnet metagraph information
lock_costReturn the lock cost to register a subnet
createCreate a new bittensor subnetwork on this chain
registerRegister a wallet to a network
recycle_registerRegister a wallet to a network
hyperparametersView subnet hyperparameters

Root (r, roots)

Commands for managing and viewing the root network

listList the root network
weightsSet weights for root network
senate_voteVote on an active proposal by hash
registerRegister a wallet to the root network
proposalsView active triumvirate proposals and their status
delegateDelegate Stake to an account
undelegateUndelegate Stake from an account
my_delegatesShow all delegates where I am delegating a positive amount of stake
list_delegatesList all delegates on the network
nominateBecome a delegate on the network

Stake (st stakes)

Commands for staking and removing stake from hotkey accounts

showList all stake accounts for wallet
addAdd stake to your hotkey accounts from your coldkey
removeRemove stake from your hotkey accounts into their coldkey accounts

Wallet (w, wallets)

Commands for managing and viewing wallets

listList wallets
overviewShow registered account overview
transferTransfer Tao between accounts
inspectInspect a wallet (cold, hot) pair
createCreates a new coldkey (for containing balance) under the specified path
new_hotkeyCreates a new hotkey (for running a miner) under the specified path
new_coldkeyCreates a new coldkey (for containing balance) under the specified path
regen_coldkeyRegenerates a coldkey from a passed value
regen_coldkeypubRegenerates a coldkeypub from the public part of the coldkey
regen_hotkeyRegenerates a hotkey from a passed mnemonic
faucetRegister a wallet to a network
updateUpdate wallet

Sudo (su, sudos)

Commands for subnet management

setSet subnet management
getGet subnet management


updateUpdate legacy
faucetFaucet legacy
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